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Every individual, every family, and every situation is unique. The first thing I ask every client when we meet is, ‘What are you most worried about? What is most important to you?’ My clients still surprise me sometimes, even after all of my years in practice.
— Meg Pauken

Areas of Practice


Elder LAW

  • Elder Law is defined by the population that we serve: aging adults or persons with disabilities who could potentially be facing health care issues in the future.

  • May include planning for Medicaid eligibility, guardianship, asset protection, and long-term care planning.

  • Often, we work with adult children and parents together, although the elder is generally our client.


Estate Planning

  • We help clients ensure that their assets are distributed in the manner they wish, to the people or entities they choose, with minimal taxes owed, and often completely avoiding probate. This may involve trusts, wills, powers of attorney, and special account designations.

Special Needs Planning

  • Helping responsible parties manage both care and assets for a person with disabilities to ensure any benefits they receive are never in jeopardy and that they receive appropriate services.


Estate Administration

  • Settle the affairs of a person who has died, either through the probate system, under the supervision of the court, or by implementing the terms of a trust.

  • This typically involves collecting assets; paying debts and claims; and distributing the remainder of the estate among those entitled by the terms of a will or trust, or by interstate laws if there is no will.

  • Probate can largely be avoided through proper estate planning.


Who We Work With

  • Families with children

  • Retired individuals and couples

  • Parents and siblings of special needs individuals

  • Veterans

  • Adult children of aging parents

  • Business owners

  • Family members of recently deceased persons

  • Non-traditional couples

Pauken Legal Services LLC charges a flat fee for all non-contested matters. Part of this service includes regular interval follow-ups.